About KaNaPi

About KaNaPi

It's a free, educational operating system based on Linux created from scratch.
KaNaPi is distributed as build system, which allows you to build your own operating system.


The new version of KaNaPi, allows you to create packages (about 310 at this moment) for 3 architectures x86, x86_64 and arm.
The build system contains dependencies, so you can create your system by running only few commands.
Sources are downloaded automatically and then built.
There are also binary drops available on Source Forge for x86/x86_64, wm8650, Raspberry Pi for tests.
The list of packages in KaNaPi KS


The first version of KaNaPi allows you to create about 600 packages.
Each package is being built by separate script executed manually.
This version was tested on x86 architecture.
The list of packages in KaNaPi KBS
The list of packages groups in KaNaPi KBS


Build instructions
Installation of binary drop for x86 architecture
Installation of binary drop for x86_64 architecture